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The PBS Appalachia Story

How It Began

We're more than just a public television station at PBS Appalachia, VA. We're a community of storytellers, educators, and advocates for Appalachia's unique culture and people.

Our story began with a mission to bring the best of public television to the Appalachian region, providing access to high-quality programming and resources that educate, entertain, and inspire. Since then, we've grown and evolved, adapting to the changing media landscape while staying true to our mission of serving the communities we call home.

We are an innovative multimedia platform, bringing you a diverse range of programming and educational resources that reflect the rich tapestry of life in Appalachia. From the history and culture of the region to the science and nature that surrounds us, we are committed to sharing stories that matter with authenticity and empathy.

As your local public media network, we are proud to be part of the PBS family and connect you to the world. We are dedicated to sparking lifelong curiosity and wonder, sharing trusted PBS news, programming, and resources, engaging with complex local and national issues, and offering opportunities for lifelong learning.

But we are more than just a media platform. We partner with the communities we serve, working with local organizations, educators, and individuals to raise the level of education around science, arts, and humanities and inform communities in times of crisis.

Ultimately, we are here to celebrate Appalachia's people, stories, and culture. We believe in storytelling's power to connect us, inspire us, and help us understand each other and the world around us. Join us on this journey as we envision evolving, growing, and serving the communities we love.

Our Original Productions

At PBS Appalachia VA, we're proud to produce original programming that reflects our region's rich culture and heritage. From cooking shows to documentaries, our original productions are diverse, engaging, and always authentic.

Through our original productions, we aim to provide our viewers with high-quality content that educates, entertains, and inspires. We are dedicated to showcasing the stories and experiences of the people of Appalachia, highlighting their unique contributions to American culture and history. Whether you're a lifelong resident of the region or simply curious about its rich heritage, our original productions offer something for everyone.